Friday, 3 July 2015





I wash my hair with clean warm water.


1. I use organic root stimulator olive oil creamy aloe shampoo. It neutralizes hair living it tangle free, removes build up, restores moisture and gently cleans my hair.

2. Then l apply Jabu stone natural hair care moisture treatment shampoo. It deep cleanses my hair, softens and restores natural hair oils and it contains tea tree oils and witch hazel is good for all hair types (natural and relaxed)


I wet my hair with warm water and apply generous amount of shampoo on my hands, massage my scalp for 2-3 minutes and make sure that every strand of my hair is covered with shampoo then rinse it out.



What l use:

Mega growth deep strengthening growth conditioner.
it is excellent for deep repair of damage caused by over-processing, heat styling, over-styling stress and dryness. It also protects, restores, repairs and rebuilds fragile damaged hair. it is fortified with (pro growth complex) a deep penetrating blend of natural mineral oils and proteins, it strengthens hair from inside out   to promote stronger, longer healthier hair.


When my hair is 60% dry l section my hair into four sections, then finger detangle section by section applying conditioner from my ends up to my roots coating liberally and evenly. for my scalp l apply warm coconut oil then put on my plastic cap leave it for 30 minutes - 1 hour maximum or just sit under a dryer for 10 minutes.



What l use:

1. My fingers
2. Avon advance techniques leave in treatment.
3. Wide tooth comb.


I section my hair into 2 then clip down the other section. Then l finger detangle my hair starting from my ends to my roots then l section the same section into 2 then apply avon advanced technique to protect and strengthen my hair, it is made with arginine and keratin proteins this helps to detangle my hair without breakage. I use a wide tooth comb to get smooth tangle free results and repeat the same process on the other section.


Air drying

What l use:

1. silk scarf
2. Wide tooth comb
3. Soft brush

It is very important to reduce heat as it causes hair breakage and dryness. I comb my hair backwards avoiding my edges then lay my edges with a soft brush to give it a smooth finish look. lay my edges down with a scarf leaving my hair out.



What l use:

1. African pride olive miracle anti-breakage maximum strengthening moisturizing lotion. 
It moisturizes curly styles, repair dry damaged hair, provides healthy looking sheen and protects against harsh styling tools. 

2. Avon advanced techniques instant repair 7 rapid rescue system.

3. Vatika
Blow drying, hair colouring & hard combing strokes damage the cuticle covering of the hair. This can cause the hair to become dry and frizzy which makes it feel rough and dull.

Dabur Vatika Almond Enriched Hair Oil contains the nourishing extracts of Almond, Sesame and Coconut Oil. The unique formulation helps soften, moisturise and condition the hair, giving your hair silky softness and shine.

Ingredients: Mineral Oil, Canola Oil, Elaeis Guineensis Oil, Sesamum Indicum Oil, Almond Extract, Coconut Extract, Sesame Extract...

Content: 200ml

4. Vitafro

I section my hair into small sections, apply African pride moisturizer from my ends working my way up to my roots. Apply instant repair 7 rapid rescue serum on my ends, it helps with frizz control and keeps my ends healthy then seal it in with vatika coconut and almond oil.


I apply Vitafro hair lotion on my scalp it is formulated to moisturize and protect hair against sun and wind. It revitalizes the scalp, nourish the roots, stops hair from falling out and stops hair from splitting. it cures dandruff and ensures fast growth of healthy hair. I usually repeat this on my scalp at least 4 times a week.

Please Note: Everyday before combing my hair l use sta-sof-fro extra dry spay for conditioning, eliminating dryness and itchy scalp. Great protection from the sun. Patience is the key and finding the products that works with your hair type.
during my process

protective styles is the way to go since l`m 
 longing for length.

I would like to hear from you my natural sisters how you soften your hair.

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